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Interview with Dr Mostafa Madkour, Chairman & CEO, Madkour Group

As a leader in energy and infrastructure solutions in Egypt, Madkour Group became a dedicated partner of World Climate Summit – The Investment COP 2022. Dr. Mostafa Madkour contributed to Panel Session 1A “Re-Thinking Infrastructure - Innovation for a Sustainable Built Environment” on 14 November in Sharm el-Sheikh.

In this interview, Dr Mostafa Madkour, Chairman & CEO of Madkour Group, will share the company's vision for the future of the energy market and its role in the transition to net-zero.

- What was your primary objective in COP27 and World Climate Summit this year?

Our team is participating this year in COP27 and World Climate Summit to highlight one of our applied engineering solutions, that we have been studying and analysing since 2019, which has all what it takes to help transform “Siwa Oasis” into a completely net-zero community.

It’s not just a transformational project that utilises the ample natural resources available in Siwa, but we consider it a life-saving quest in which we are ready to invest all our expertise and technical capabilities to help save and flourish an Egyptian province that face a number of ecological threats which might lead to its extinction within 50-80 years.

- How do you think the “Siwa Oasis Project” can benefit from the exposure through COP27 and World Climate Summit?

I think our project has a great opportunity to be taken from the technical feasibility and analysis phase to the financial modeling and implementation. At COP27 and World Climate Summit, all concerned stakeholders gathered in one place, namely investors, regulators, development banks, academia and policy makers, etc.

For sure if we can all sit together and join forces, we will be able to put methods into practice and move from pledges to actions. I view COP27 and World Climate Summit as a golden opportunity to showcase how we can really contribute to the climate action efforts through ready-to-implement solutions like our “Siwa Oasis Project”.

- How can you describe Madkour’s mission, as an Egyptian corporation within the national and global climate action scene?

We are playing an essential role in accelerating the needed transformation to achieve Egypt’s vision 2030 which integrates the global sustainable development goals. We are providing sustainable development solutions in the domains of Renewable/Green Energy Generation – Water Treatment & Desalination – Electric Transportation Systems – Waste Management, that have a profound impact on economic growth, social equity and efforts to combat climate change. We are offering our up-to-date solutions through a workforce of highly skilled and well-trained Egyptian caliber and researchers, who can design and apply the latest technological advancements and trends at the most optimum cost possible.

- As a power and energy expert, could you share with us your future vision of this important domain?

My future vision is that electricity will exclusively be generated from the sun and wind in addition to other advanced solutions (e.g., green hydrogen and fuel cells). Realising this vision will require us to focus on the manufacturing of solar panels and energy storage batteries, as well as forging partnerships and coalitions to help accelerate the transition from conventional to sustainable power generation.

By the year 2050, I envision Madkour Group to become a globally recognised key player in providing sustainable development solutions. I have the vision to change local and regional perspectives on energy generation and its implications for providing our communities with sustainable development solutions.

- Madkour’s brand slogan is “Delivering on Tomorrow’s Vision”. What challenges are you facing on the way to achieving your vision? How do you think COP27 and World Climate Summit can help ease those challenges?

In fact, we are facing many challenges on the way to achieving our vision. I personally think this is normal, because we are trying to change and transform methods and ideas that existed for many years. Resistance is a primary symptom of any change process, and we are fully aware that the road towards achieving our future transformational vision is not going to be easy. Financing, technological advancements, research and development, qualified caliber, commercial feasibility, cost of capital, regulatory restrictions and sophisticated prequalification barriers are some of many challenges that we face every day while trying to push forward our future vision.

I think, COP27 and World Climate Summit have specifically come to turn pledges into actionable steps to help accelerate the process and facilitate all challenges that all concerned stakeholders are currently facing. The Madkour team was very keen to actively participate in different venues and events within the COP27 and World Climate Summit this year to get the best exposure possible and find the right partners and supporters who can help us along the way of transformation and development.


About Madkour Group

Madkour Group is one of the leading Egyptian Corporations that provides fully integrated energy and infrastructure solutions in Egypt, Africa and the Middle East, with a proven track record of delivering integrated mega projects, including electricity generation, renewable energy, transmission & distribution OHTL (The Overhead Transmission Lines) and substations, urban electricity networks, smart energy management, water & wastewater treatment, smart and green lighting and transportation solutions, special buildings, and more.

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About the author

Dr Mostafa Madkour is one of the most recognised figures in the Energy sector with more than 35 years of experience in design, management and execution of electrical and infrastructure mega projects including 20 years as the founder and CEO of market-leading organisation in energy and infrastructure turnkey projects and 17 years as the head of High Voltage department in Shaker Consultancy Office. Under his leadership for the past 20 years, Madkour Group succeeded to achieve history full of mega projects in Egypt, Africa and the Middle East, including more than 1,500 MW of Thermal Generation plants, several substations, Solar Energy plants, Transmission projects, Water Desalination and Wastewater treatment projects.


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