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Creating Impact Towards a Nature-Positive Future


World Biodiversity Network aligns its targets with the Global Biodiversity Framework and the Paris Agreement.


Through the network, our members can make decisions with clear viewpoints for their transition to nature-positive innovation and solutions. The public-private partnerships that our network offer strengthen these initiatives to prevent biodiversity-related risks to businesses. 


Working with stakeholders around the world and industries, World Biodiversity Network’s activities are based around impact at three levels: Global, Sectoral and Organisational

Earth and Space

Global Impact

World Biodiversity Network facilitates the necessary cross-sector collaboration to spark investment in Nature-based Solutions and opportunities, tackling both biodiversity loss and climate change while generating economic opportunities. 


The Network helps to reinforce the global regulations and frameworks, serving as pathways for restored land and water ecosystems to support mitigation and adaptation to climate change, as well as securing vital ecosystem services for future generations.  


Sectoral Impact


World Biodiversity Network works closely with key investment accelerators, development banks along with the existing coalitions and partnerships. Doing so serves to bolster the value of natural capital and green infrastructure as an asset class, preventing the risk of stranded assets and opening up the new cross-sector business opportunities with nature-positive outcomes. 


The Network highlights the innovations and efforts needed for halting nature-related risks while identifying nature-positive opportunities across sectors. The Network will provide insights on the measurements, disclosures and reporting needed in developing a nature-positive economy and future in areas such as agriculture, forestry, food and water systems. 


Organisational Impact

Through engaging key stakeholders from across the global biodiversity arena, World Biodiversity Network facilitates the mainstreaming of nature-positive policies at all levels of governance - from the local to the global, from the private and public sector.  


The Network convenes the private and public sectors to create and strengthen solutions for the biodiversity crisis, improving the nature performance of organisations around the world - while promoting and discovering nature-positive opportunities. 

Maria do Céu Antunes.jpeg

With the conviction of the decisive power of cooperation and the certainty that tomorrow depends on the union of efforts and wills, we will continue to walk and work together. Always remembering something that this summit makes very clear: Sustainability, while a great challenge, is also, and above all, the greatest of opportunities.


Maria do Céu Antunes, Minister of Agriculture, Portugal 


  1. Implementation of the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework

  2. Closing the nature finance gap, addressing investments risks, challenges and opportunities.

  3. Embedding technology in natural resource preservation and restoration​

  4. Regenerative value chains through improved forestry, agricultural productions and water management​

  5. Nature-positive bioeconomy and food systems​

  6. Synergetic action for clean energy and nature

Impact Drivers


& Innovation 


& Investments 


& Framework 

Outcomes & Impact

  • New coalitions, partnerships and solutions-oriented towards achieving transformative impact in our environment, global policies and the nature-positive economy

  • Collaboration between the public and private sectors to foster ambition loops, leading to bold commitments across the global biodiversity arena

  • Catalysing nature markets and leveraging nature-positive investments in order to close the nature finance gap and achieve the objectives of the Global Biodiversity Framework

  • Announce and share ambitious plans, action points, pledges, commitments and business opportunities

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