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Building Partnerships, Facilitating Dialogue & Mobilising Investments

World Biodiversity Network was launched by the World Climate Foundation in recognition of the urgency of the biodiversity crisis. The Network gathers public and private sector stakeholders from across the globe, serving as a catalyst for the necessary dialogue, partnerships, solutions, and investments to tackle biodiversity loss, facilitate ecosystem restoration, and set the world on track to achieve the 2050 Vision for Biodiversity.  


World Biodiversity Network sets out to strengthen cross-sectoral collaboration and devise actionable methods on how to create the ambition loops necessary to accelerate finance towards solutions to the twin crises of biodiversity loss and climate change.  



Biodiversity loss is amongst the greatest contemporary risks to human well-being. We rely on biodiversity for such fundamental ecosystem services as food, clean water and clean air, as well as protection from disasters including climate change. Despite its urgency, tackling the biodiversity crisis remains critically underfunded, with a financing gap of 4.1 trillion dollars that must be addressed to meet global goals.  


The objective of World Biodiversity Network is to facilitate the development of the resilient partnerships and bold investments necessary to close this gap by 2050 and meet global biodiversity goals, in line with the Paris Agreement targets and the Global Biodiversity Framework. 

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The Network works closely with businesses, asset managers, asset owners, governments and civil society to support decision makers across the sectors and fields with the implementation of nature-based solutions which favours both biodiversity and climate.  


The Focus in 2023

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, it became clear that our well-being is very dependent on that of the planet’s. Last year’s UNCBD COP15 achieved the signing of the new Biodiversity Framework. Acknowledging its importance, World Biodiversity Network in 2023 focuses on supporting the development, financing, and implementation of the solutions needed to achieve the targets and goals of the Global Biodiversity Framework that can tackle the twin crises of climate and biodiversity in tandem.


This focus is reflected in many of the Network’s activities planned for 2023, including:  

Developing a strong network of financiers and investors through engaging with well-established investment accelerators, in order to close the nature finance gap. 

Facilitating innovation in key industries such as agriculture, food, and forestry. We recognise that cross-sector dialogue can spark the development and implementation of nature-positive technologies that can improve return on investment and tackle biodiversity loss, without compromising the rights of local and indigenous communities.

Supporting the shift to a circular economy in such a way that the mitigation of biodiversity loss is a central consideration in the transition.  


About the World Climate Foundation 

The World Climate Foundation launched the World Biodiversity Network to bridge biodiversity and climate. Through its collaborative, high-level network, World Climate Foundation works closely with inspiring leaders from government, business, financial institutions and civil society to build resilience and enable the necessary transformation that addresses both the climate change and biodiversity crises.  


​The World Climate Foundation is pleased to have also developed the World Climate Network and the World Health Network, both of which serve to enable multi-sector stakeholders to build alliances, to commit to impactful financial investments, and develop ambition loops for tackling the world’s most pressing issues.

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