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Pathways to a
Nature-Positive Future

Now that the Global Biodiversity Framework has been finalised, it is time for implementation. World Biodiversity Network plans engagement activities for our members and partners throughout the year, guiding their organisations in the correct achievement of the biodiversity targets. 


Our activities serve our members and partners in their aims to identify and reduce biodiversity-related risks to their businesses and to society. Members will be able to work together for their goal of contributing to a nature-positive future through insights from the examples of sustainable business practices shared within the network. 


Partnerships & Coalitions

At the heart of all our activities is our community. With our members and partners, we identify key coalitions, partnerships and initiatives that provide strategic solutions for and further action towards the green economy. The Network enables stakeholders to build alliances and develop ambition loops for nature innovation, aimed at addressing key global challenges linked to the climate and biodiversity crisis. 


Based on their profiles and strategies, we match stakeholders and promote partnerships through our network, summits and other communications platforms. We draw on the World Climate Foundation’s wealth of experience - our Climate Investment Coalition, for example, was able to generate US$130 billion commitment to be invested in climate before 2030. 

Community Engagement


During our roadmap of activities, we engage our members and partners across government, business, finance, international organisations and alliances in creative peer-group learning and structured networking opportunities to grow and connect. 

Through topic-focused workshops, digital meetings, webinars, thematic roundtables and executive dinners we support our network to debate and access wide-ranging thought leadership and expertise throughout the year. 

Global Events

World Biodiversity Network will gather during the most important climate and biodiversity events from Davos to Baku. Positioned to be the main annual biodiversity summit, alongside Climate Week NYC and the 79th UNGA and COP16, World Biodiversity Summit will take place as the main event in the 2024 roadmap.


World Biodiversity Summit bridges biodiversity and climate by utilising public-private sector ambition loops to achieve the policies, innovations and investments required to reach a nature-positive future. The Summit convenes high-level experts and leaders in panel discussions, fireside chats, and keynote speeches to address some of the most pressing biodiversity challenges. 

By convening leaders from governments, businesses, international organisations, academia and civil society, the World Biodiversity Summit offers a dedicated and much-needed forum to increase promising solutions through cross-sectoral and cross-border collaboration. As you participate, ladies and gentlemen, in this
Summit and through the complementary World Biodiversity Network,
I can only encourage you to be bold with your ambitions and to be
clear about the steps you need to take to achieve them. 


His Majesty King Charles III

Strategic Insights

Our strategic insights exclusively provided to our members set the groundwork where we collaborate to develop pathways guided by clear goals of global biodiversity targets. Drawing on 12 years of experience at UNFCCC COPs, we advise our members and partners on how they can maximise their engagement at key global events, identifying and connecting them with leading stakeholders in core industries. We map the global trends and frameworks that will impact the businesses of tomorrow, enabling our members to act on them today.  

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