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Businesses Are Ready to Transition From Commitment to Action at COP27

Interview with Aiman Ezzat, CEO of Capgemini at World Climate Summit 2022

In this video interview, Aiman Ezzat, CEO of Capgemini, unfolds four key elements for achieving climate goals and sharing Capgemini’s experience and Green IT initiatives.

“We cannot get used to continuous degradation of our planet year after year, like we have been doing over the last few years.”

- Aiman Ezzat, CEO, Capgemini

At World Climate Summit - The Investment COP 2022, Aiman Ezzat, CEO of Capgemini and Cyril Garcia, CEO of Capgemini Invent, a Planet A Partner of the summit, participated in Closing Session “Catalysing Ambition Loops – How to Scale Up Technology, Policy & Investments to Create Bolder Pathways for Change”.

Watch the interview below:


About Capgemini

As a leading strategic partner to companies around the world, Capgemini has leveraged technology to enable business transformation for more than 50 years. Capgemini addresses the entire breadth of business needs, from strategy and design to managing operations. To do this, the company draws on deep industry expertise and a command of the fast-evolving fields of cloud, data artificial intelligence, connectivity, software, digital engineering and platforms.

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About Aiman Ezzat

Aiman Ezzat is CEO of the Capgemini Group since May 20, 2020. Since assuming the role, Aiman has directed the integration of Altran and reinforced Capgemini’s position as a leading responsible organisation, notably committing to becoming a net zero business by 2040. With more than 25 years of experience at Capgemini, he has developed a deep knowledge of the Group’s main businesses and has worked in many countries, notably the UK and the US, where he lived for more than 15 years. During his tenure as COO (from 2018 to 2020) and prior to this as CFO, from 2012 to 2018, Aiman reinforced both the Group’s position as a global leader as well as its financial resilience. Aiman has an MBA and a dual background in chemical engineering and management.


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