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UN City in Copenhagen (real estate) – PensionDenmark

50.700 m2, architect 3XN

LEED certification Platinum,

The UN City project has achieved 84 out of 110 possible points via energy efficient and environmentally friendly construction.
• Seawater is used to cool the building
• Rainwater is used for the toilets
• Solar system on the roof
• Green roofs with nature plants not requiring artificial watering
• Highly insulated building envelope with low-energy glass
• Use of environmentally friendly products and sourcing of wood and concreate with an 800 km distance.

In 2012, UN City won an EU GreenBuilding Award for New Buildings, after cutting its predicted energy consumption by more than half. With energy use under 50 kWh/m2 a year, the building was granted a Low-Energy Class 1 rating, the most energy efficient according to the Danish building code.

Asset classes
• Direct Investment

Value in US dollars
• USD 330M

Geographic location
• Copenhagen, Denmark

Green Dimension(s):
• Buildings

Expected Maturity
• N.A (but several decades – up to 100 years)

• PD (45,75%), ATP (45,75%) og By og Havn (8,5%)

Form of Funding
• Direct Investment

Torben Möger Pedersen

UN City in Copenhagen (real estate) – PensionDenmark
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