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Elgon Hydro Siti, PFA

Construction of hydro project in Uganda with a total capacity of 21.5 MW.

The Siti projects is two hydropower plant utilizing the hydropower potential of the river Siti as it drops 300m in a series of rapids, in and around the village of Chesoweri on the northern slopes of Mt. Elgon in eastern Uganda.

Expected annual emission reduction is up to 60,000 tonnes of CO2 eq.

Asset classes
• Unlisted Equity

Value in US dollars
• USD 16 million

Geographic location
• Uganda

Green Dimension(s):
• Clean energy production

Expected Maturity
• -

• DI Frontier Market Energy & Carbon Fund

Form of Funding
• Equity

Henrik Nøhr Poulsen
Managing Director – Global Strategic Partnerships

Elgon Hydro Siti, PFA
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